The "Last Chance to See" Tour

Mysterious Garden Binaural

A gentle garden, with birdsong and babbling brook, gives way to mind-expanding mysterious textures. This binaural begins with a decent from 30Hz to 4.2Hz and then maintains that frequency for the remainder.

Mysterious Garden Binaural

Connection 1 Binaural

This is a fairly straightforward drone-type meditation augmented with distant chants from a cross-section of cultures. We've experienced some potent "teachable moments" with it. Maybe you will, too.

Connection 1 Binaural

Evocation 1 and 3

Two new binaurals created using Boris Kovalev's EVOX synth to generate shifting textural soundscapes, one 30 minutes in length and one 60.  We're also using a new technique to generate "full-spectrum" binaurals, where everything in the track is reinforcing the…

Jungle Encounter 3 Binaural

A trancy-dancy EDM festival in the middle of a jungle? The theta binaural beats combined with drum circle and spacey electronica make this one a groovy ride. Have fun!

Jungle Encounter 3

Nebula by Kenmore Binaural

Kept indoors by the snow and cold, John-Mark continues to find inspiration in recording household appliances.  While the washing machine gets top billing, the oven, tea kettle and dryer all play supporting roles, with musical assist from an amazing program…

Emotional Flotation Device Binaural

This binaural will help amplify feelings of calm, encourage sleep, and possibly seed lucid dreaming. It's a simple drone with some additional dreamy sound cues echoing throughout, all saturated with lush, endless reverberation. Served very chilled.

Emotional Flotation Device

Fugue State Binaural

This is the first time we've used a fugue approach - so let us know if you like it! The binaural element is frequency isolated in the mix, so it should provide a strong and consistent effect. Enjoy!

Fugue State

Shaman's Cave Binaural

A shaman's cave overlooks a vast rain forest. A campfire crackles as strange sounds reverberate around the cavern. A chanting old shaman asks why you are here...and the rest of the story is up to you. Have fun!

Shaman's Cave

So Smoov

Way back when we were still living in Mexico, our youngest niece visited us and spent some time bonding with John-Mark over music.  For a variety of reasons, among them that she's doing recording of her own now, we finally…

Quiet Breezes at Benjie's Lake

As promised, we finally got around to posting the recording we did at Benjie's Lake back in November.  Hoping for the return of a moose cow and calf that had been reported earlier, we paused for a long time at…

Gratitude Binaural

Here's another alpha binaural that you may find relaxing.  We're encouraging people to focus on gratitude while listening to it and then let us know about their experiences.  We have much to be grateful for in our lives, access to…