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Gratitude Binaural

Here's another alpha binaural that you may find relaxing.  We're encouraging people to focus on gratitude while listening to it and then let us know about their experiences.  We have much to be grateful for in our lives, access to…

Halifax and a New Recreational Binaural

Apparently, Cheticamp decided to give us a preview of all the winter weather we were going to be missing as we drove away - hail, snow and freezing rain - but our trip to Halifax was relatively uneventful. 

Visitation with Memory Brain Entrainment Experiment

We're posting a new "thought experiment" binaural today.  This one's a personal favorite and uses "Frogsong at Miner's Marsh" with the operatic crooning of green frogs recorded in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia to great effect.  You can find the…

Clark's Tower and Woodland Meditation

This is one of our first thought experiments from when we started exploring pairing binaurals with meditation.  (Headspace for the win!)  It's pretty basic and straightforward and makes great use of a field recording we made at Clark's Tower