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Quiet Breezes at Benjie's Lake

As promised, we finally got around to posting the recording we did at Benjie's Lake back in November.  Hoping for the return of a moose cow and calf that had been reported earlier, we paused for a long time at…

Corney Brook Falls

Here's 20 minutes of natural white noise masking, courtesy of Corney Brook Falls, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The 4K wide original wasn't that interesting, so we opted for a long, slow tilt down the falls in 1080 HD instead.

Halifax and a New Recreational Binaural

Apparently, Cheticamp decided to give us a preview of all the winter weather we were going to be missing as we drove away - hail, snow and freezing rain - but our trip to Halifax was relatively uneventful. 

Shimmering Sunset at Pillar Rock

Well, we've definitely enjoyed the last of fall here in Cheticamp.  It's getting chilly and the overcast days definitely outnumber the sunny recently. 

Beulach Ban Falls

We've set out for Beulach Ban Falls many times but we always seem to get distracted by some sight or sound on the way there.  This time we finally made it.  It was chilly, and the sun wasn't in the…

Big Distracting Surf at Corney Brook and Le Bloc

So once again we set out for Beulach Ban Waterfall, and once again we got distracted by the natural beauty along the way.  This time it was the larger-than-usual surf at Le Bloc and the beach where Corney Brook meets…

Bubbling Along with Corney Brook

Corney Brook Trail follows its namesake to a waterfall some 3.3 km from the trailhead. Along the way, the stream widens and narrows, joining with others until it cascades into the ocean a short distance below the start.

Our own personal Hellmouth

We've stayed in quite a few short-term rentals at this point.  This particular home is equipped with a Hellmouth Toilet.  Imagine getting up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and seeing this eerie red glow coming…

One last trip to Point Michaud

It was a cloudy day, but the sunset put on one last show on for us as we prepared to leave the south end of Cape Breton.  Field recordings give our trips purpose and focus, but what they really are…

Sensory Overload at Point Michaud

Getting this recording was an amazing sensory experience, and we're always conscious that these videos only capture a tiny part of what's happening around us when we make them.  From finding fossils, sea glass and polished pebbles, to the feeling…

It's raining in Wolfville

It's a wet, rainy day and we're spending most of it indoors.  The audio recorder, however, is not so lucky.  Here's a porch recording of the gentle patter of raindrops against the house.

Gentle Rain in Wolfville

Dire Warnings in Black Rock

We were out for a drive and considered stopping for a swim, then came across this dire warning.  Had to send the drone out for a closer look.

Red Island Trail Field Recording

Walking the Red Island trail in Indian Brook from the St. Ann's Bay United Church parking lot on a beautiful day in July.

The sound of the calm water gently lapping against a stone beach was intoxicating and we couldn't…

Frogs at Miner's Marsh

While staying in Kentville, Nova Scotia we were within a short walk of Miner's Marsh where we made loads of field recordings at all hours of the day and night.  The crooning frogs in this recording are among our favorites: