WTF is a Recreational Binaural?

Taking a few hours indoors today to get our first "recreational" binaural posted. 

So what makes a binaural "recreational" instead of "therapeutic"? For starters, simply intention. While meditation-oriented binaurals are geared towards clearing the mind, recreational binaurals focus on seeding the imagination (and maybe even getting the hips moving!). They pair nicely with cannabis, which typically brings a potent amplification to the experience. On a good day, when the psyche is chill enough to become enraptured, these recordings have produced some intensely uplifting experiences. If your head's just not there, try a binaural from the Brain Entrainment Experiments playlist instead.

This thought experiment uses a carrier frequency of 87.3 Hz - the key of F, and produces a theta binaural of 6.2 Hz. The track uses a personal favorite field recording "Frogsong at Miner's Marsh" with the operatic crooning of green frogs recorded in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. That recording is also available in Soundprint Archive Vol. 1. The binaural itself is mix isolated for increased effectiveness.

Circle's Edge 1 Binaural